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Italian Intensive Course in Florence

Our Intensive Italian language course consists of 30 lessons of 45 minutes each per week (6 lessons a day, Monday to Friday). This course is recommended for those who plan to attend our Italian language school only for a few weeks and, therefore, wish to use this time to learn as much as possible.

Our Intensive Italian language course could be a convenient option for those who, despite having the time, are not afraid of a challenge and are up to devoting more time to the study of the Italian language for a more consistent number of lessons a day: thereby taking the opportunity to learn a new language directly in the “cradle of the Renaissance” in which it was born.

Therefore the Intensive option demands greater input on the part of the student: despite have 2 additional lessons after lunchtime, students are in a position to delve deeper into previous topics, to reinforce and consolidate forms and structures necessary for both oral and written expression (with particular attention placed on the spoken aspects). Furthermore, it is also possible to work with literary pieces and discuss various topics of general interest or particular subjects which concern Italy and Italians.