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Our School Residence in Florence

This year, we are proud to be able to offer on-site housing as we have converted guest quarters situated on the second floor of a historic building overlooking Piazza della Repubblica. It consists of 9 rooms (8 double and 1 single), a living room, kitchen, and separate bathrooms (with showers) for men and women.

Being our school residence, during school hours, students who stay in these quarters can directly access the school and its classrooms without exiting the building and benefit from all the amenities and features of the spaces and school. When the school is closed, the residence functions independently and is accessed through a separate entry.

our rooms at the School Residence in Florence

The rooms in our School Residence in Florence are a brightly decorated mix between the antique and the modern and includes a spacious kitchen: not only useful for preparing meals but also to meet and to be in the company of other student; and living room with comfortable couches for relaxing and for reading.

the double rooms in our school residence