• Sprachcaffe Firenze

Homestay in Florence

The homestay option usually is based on half-board: in addition to having a room, the family also takes care of preparing breakfast and dinner, thereby providing an Italian rhythm to the time our students spend in Florence. At a set time, the family and the guests dine together giving our students the opportunity to converse in Italian while sampling various dishes, both healthy and flavorful, which have made Italian cuisine famous worldwide.

For those students who choose to stay with a host family, they will find that in addition to sharing space, they will also have the possibility of sharing moments during the day, whether with other guests or family members: chatting in the kitchen on a rainy afternoon, or watching TV while sipping a limoncello after dinner.

Our homestay options are an option that make students truly feel “at home” where they have someone who is caring, comforting, protective, and on hand in times of need: this is the concept of family. And it is in this way that our families want their guests to feel at home in their home: reassured, pampered, and welcomed! The families which host our students are all kind and trustworthy and available to meet the needs of our students.