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Our Apartments in Florence

Our apartments in Florence are categorized by type and dimension, are all in the city and easily reached by foot, by bus, or by tram.

Standard Apartments

Standard apartments are among the most requested apartments in Florence: they have double or single rooms, bathrooms and a shared kitchen. The division of space is not only an economical solution, it also represents the desire to participate in the shared experience of learning another language beyond our Italian language school in Florence.

Living with others from different backgrounds is similar to living in different parts of the world. It is not altogether rare, therefore, that after spending this time together, these interactions should develop into real and lasting friendships. Each student has his/her own room, but they can prepare meals together or enjoy the weather on the balcony while having a chat.

Comfort Apartments

Keeping with the concept of a shared common space which characterizes our Standard apartments, our Comfort apartments are equipped with extra amenities, for example the use of a washing machine or some rooms having a private bath.