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Housing in Florence

Our Italian language school also assists in providing accommodation options for students who attend our courses. Accommodation is arranged upon request with a range of rooms and apartments for all price ranges and budgets.

Our younger students tend to prefer staying in apartments with other students as it gives them the opportunity to share their Florentine experience, to learn about different cultures, to make new friends, and to feel less alone in an unfamiliar city. On the other hand, those who prefer more privacy may wish to stay in a studio apartment.

There is also the possibility of staying with a host family. Our school has been working with several families for many years with whom we have established trusted working partnerships. These families host our students, preparing for them breakfast and dinner (under the half-board arrangement): an ideal solution for our younger students who still need “motherly” care, or for those who would like to converse in Italian with Italians over a plate of spaghetti, or even still for those who having to cook at home all the time decide to take a few weeks off without spending a fortune in restaurants.

All of the rooms and apartments we offer are completely furnished and located in easily accessible parts of the city, whether by foot or by public transportation.

Please kindly note that utilities (water, gas, and electricity) as well as the initial and final cleaning are included in the price. Arrivals are on Sundays, with departures on Saturdays.