• Sprachcaffe Firenze

Extra-curricular Activities

In a city like Florence, there is no shortage of things to do and places to see. There are many cultural activities such as exhibitions, theatre, movies, and concerts as well as an equal number of recreational and entertainment possibilities. 

Shopping trips are one of the most preferred activities in Florence: from window-shopping to choosing a pair of shoes or trying a new color and finding a souvenir. The city center has signature brands, both Italian and international, but there are also a variety of small boutiques with beautiful pieces at moderate prices. For those looking to save, however, there are larger department stores and shopping centers in the suburbs just a bus-ride away.

Florence also has many street markets that sell everything from organic produce to modern art. There are two large food markets full of life and character, the Mercato Centrale and the Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio where in addition to grocery shopping, you can sample Tuscan specialities at excellent prices.

Students at our Italian language school in Florence who prefer something with a more cultural flavor can choose to visit an art or photography exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi or in Piazza Santa Maria Novella; to attend a classical music concert at Teatro Verdi; or to spend some time at the Oblate Library.